Our Mission

Our Company



  • Safety-Employee Development-Personalized Service-Excellence


  • At Livewire we aim to be the contractor of choice for homeowners, home builders, commercial builders, and property managers, by providing added value service to every customer, and in any job we do. We intend to build a repeat customer relationship through our quality service, confidence in our capabilities, and implementation of our core values. Livewire also aims to be the employer of choice for electricians, by being a customer and employee focused business. We take pride in teaching our employees our core values and being able to offer them not only a place to build a lifelong career, but to be part of the Livewire family.


To Livewire safety is of utmost importance. The safety of our employees, as well as our customers, is paramount in our process. At Livewire, we strive to conduct ourselves in an uncompromising manner, and stand by our commitment to the health and well-being of our customers, employees, and subcontractors. On and off call our Livewire family will consistently improve and execute the safest procedures to protect our customers, employees, and community.

Employee Development:

As a family owned and operated business, Livewire’s employees, in a sense, are our first customers. The livelihood of our company relies on having a well-established and sound team. At Livewire we value the dedication of our employees and strive to do our best at recognizing them as one of our greatest assets. We find satisfaction in knowing the Livewire family is the best in our industry, and continuously growing. We seek out the best qualities in our members and allow them to apply those within their position. Livewire also aims to help enhance our members professional growth through in-depth training, developmental programs, and promotion. Employee development is key to the operation of our business, which is why we respect the lives of, and encourage the professional growth of our employees. Again, we take pride in the teaching of our core values and offering our employees a place to not only build a lifelong career, but to be part of the Livewire family.

Personalized Service:

Anyone can walk into your home, assess the problem, and give you an estimate to fix it. With Livewire, you can always expect more! At Livewire we are content with knowing our team works hard to bring a personalized experience to every customer. We apply the “Culture of Caring” to every job we take on, no matter how big or small. We enjoy taking the time to get to know our customers, and their needs. All while ensuring tasks get done in a professional and timely manner. We know that the business of our customers is what keeps our company going, which is why Livewire will always build a more personal relationship with our customers. In appreciation to our customers, we seek to offer the absolute best customer service to ensure your experience with Livewire Electrical Services is above and beyond the expectations of the average service company. We will always treat every customer with respect and dignity, and we promise to WOW you through service.


Excellency is not something Livewire strives for. It is something we will do, and achieve every day, in every transaction of any kind of business we conduct. We will deliver the most quality customer service and provide the best solutions possible. At Livewire we are proud to know that we have set the bar high for ourselves and our competitors. Being voted the best electrician in town has shown us that we have distinctively set ourselves apart from the average service company. Livewire is dedicated to staying the best electrical services company in our area and beyond. We set a daily goal to go above and beyond the basic service processes, by having leading communication technology and programs. When choosing Livewire Electrical Services, we want every customer to know, trust, and feel that they will have the best team working for them. Livewire will continue to maintain the highest quality and efficiency in all that we do. We are in constant pursuit of improvement of our team and processes to surpass the expectations of our customers, and the capabilities of our competitors. Livewire is and will be your leading service company, who guarantees to be trustworthy, communicative, and dedicated to the needs and wants of our customers.